Puricode facial care for blemished or acne-prone skin

De PuriCode van Dr Grandel biedt een intelligent concept van actieve ingrediënten die de onzuivere huid onmiddellijk weer in balans brengen, maar ook voor de lange termijn.

Een lichte textuur en nauwkeurig geselecteerde ingrediënten gaan voorzichtig maar effectief de onzuiverheden en olie achtige glans van de huid verminderen en hierbij de huid intensief voeden zonder compromissen. 

Dr Grandel's PuriCode offers an intelligent concept of active ingredients that immediately rebalance blemished skin, but also for the long term.

A light texture and precisely selected ingredients gently but effectively reduce skin impurities and oil-like shine while intensively nourishing the skin without compromise.

Facial care for blemished skin - without compromise.

Suitable for adult women and men who are prone to excessive sebum production and therefore look oily and/or have pimples.

The Puri[Code] facial care range works in a unique way to repair the skin

The combination of immediate and long-term action ensures that the skin regains its balance.

Immediate action:

  • Reduces blemishes and impurities
  • Brings the skin into balance with immediate hydration and a mattifying effect
  • Works to refine pores

Long-lasting effect:

  • Supports the natural balance of the microbiome
  • Regulates excess sebum production
  • Ensures a visibly more beautiful skin appearance

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Clear Skin Tri-Complex reduces sebum and impurities, balances the microbiome and soothes. Other selected ingredients such as Lotus flower extract, Cherimoya fruit extract, Panthenol, succinic acid ea. among others complete this effect for a perfect symbiosis.

  • Clear Skin Tri-Complex combats the causes of blemished skin immediately and in the long term.
  • Lotus Flower Extract has a regulatory and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Cherimoya Fruit Extract strengthens the skin's resistance.

PURICODE test results prove and guarantee efficacy

After a 4-week test period, our test subjects say the following:

Facial Purifying cream

100 % the skin is soothed

100 % more moisture in the skin

90 % regulated sebum production

Purifying cream gel

70 % sebum production is regulated

75 % immediately mattified skin

85 % refreshed skin

Instant help Purifying Spot Expert

80 % reduced signs of irritation

70 % camouflaged redness

80 % skin impurities counteracted

Purifying Peel & Mask face mask

90 % mild peeling of the skin

90 % counteracts impurities

100 % refines the skin

A clarifying approach to skincare

With the DR. GRANDEL Puricode, the skin is rebalanced. Experience for yourself the immediate and long-lasting effects of DR. GRANDEL Puricode products and visibly improve your skin's appearance. What's more, the products are 100% tolerable!

An overview of the Puricode products

Below is a brief overview of our Puricode products:

  • Purifying Cream: Moisturising care for dry and blemished skin, works soothing and regulating.
  • Purifying Cream Gel: mattifying care gel for oily and blemished skin, regulating and refreshing.
  • Purifying Spot Expert: Effective help for pimples and slightly inflamed skin.
  • Purifying Peel & Mask: Brightening 2-in-1 action, works hydrating and refining.

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