Dust Extraction TAIFUN

Dust Extraction TAIFUN

TAIFUN dust extraction system from Nova Flair: the best choice for nail technicians

Kracht Taifun stofafzuiging voor nagels

When it comes to nail treatments, Nova Flair's TAIFUN is the No 1 in dust extraction systems for nails, it is the most powerful and professional system available. There are 5 different models available, ranging in size, dust extraction power, noise level and more. With the TAIFUN, you will enjoy a dust-free environment and your salon will stay clean and healthy. It is the quietest and most powerful nail dust extractor, ensuring a pleasant environment for you and your clients.

Find out how to choose the best dust extractor for you in this article

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15-year warranty on every TAIFUN

Nova Flair is the leading manufacturer of nail salon equipment, nail tables and dust extraction system. Nova Flair offers high-quality dust extraction system and nail tables with a 15-year warranty. TAIFUN dust extractors, manicure tables and accessories are manufactured in Germany and continuously optimised to give you more comfort.
*important to replace your filter at least 2x annually to keep enjoying your warranty.

Why choose a TAIFUN dust extractor for nails?

The most important thing for any nail dust extractor is obviously the elimination of dust, but there are also other factors that are important and can harm our health or negatively affect the working environment. For example, the ultrafine dust we produce during the nail process is bad for our health and can cause dust lung, chronic sinusitis and other conditions. Few dust extractors have the power and ability to suck up this ultra-fine dust, but with the TAIFUN, you need not worry. It picks up and holds even the very finest dust, allowing you to concentrate on creating beautiful nails.

Create a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment with TAIFUN nail dust extractors:

  • Accessoires : Voorzie je nageltafel van accessoires die het comfort van jou en je klanten verbeteren. Ontdek hier de mogelijkheden.
  • Suction power : sucks up dust up to 1/1000mm
  • Warranty : 15 years provided your filter is always replaced on time.
  • Maintenance : only 1 weekly cleaning of the filter
  • Budget friendly : depending on use replace filter about 2x per year.
  • Silent: the TAIFUN makes almost no noise, you can compare it to a dishwasher.
  • Health: prevent dust lung and chronic sinusitis by vacuuming up the very finest dust, and the filter can protect against viruses and bacteria.
  • Options: not only can you choose your size of TAIFUN according to the number of clients you treat each week, but you can also opt for a customised filter that protects against viruses and bacteria and/or unpleasant odours.
  • Quality : Guaranteed highest quality manufactured in Germany with all German components as well.
  • Built-in : Four models are built-in models and can be built into any manicure table. Two models can be placed on your nail table, plug in and you can start right away.
  • Accessories : Equip your nail table with accessories that improve the comfort of you and your clients. Discover the possibilities here

A TAIFUN nail dust extractor on instalments

We care about your health and understand that it is not always easy to finance a major expense all at once. Even if you have the financial resources, from an accounting point of view it may be better to make an instalment purchase or lease. This is why, in collaboration with Europabank, we have created the option of buying certain TAIFUN nail dust extractors in Belgium on an instalment basis, provided certain conditions are met. Find more information and conditions here

Would you like to find out more about TAIFUN and speak to us?

Then do not hesitate to contact us via the WhatsApp button or send an e-mail to info@beautyambitions.eu.

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