TAIFUN Filters

TAIFUN Filters

Choose the Right Filter for Your Taifun

There are different types of filters available for your Taifun, but the rule is simple: only the Taifun Mini has a specific filter. For all other Taifun dust extractors, you can choose between a standard filter or a HEPA filter that stops bacteria and viruses. Both types of filters can be fitted with an option carbon mat to eliminate unpleasant odours.

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Removing and Cleaning the Filter of your TAIFUN

To clean or replace the filter of your TAIFUN, follow these simple steps:

  • Loosen the 3 knobs on the front of the dust collector and remove the front cover.
  • Grasp the ribbon of the filter and pull it out of the TAIFUN together with the dust collection tray. This will prevent dust from falling onto the floor.
  • Clean the filter weekly by dropping it on the ground from a height of 10 cm. You can then clean the filter slats with a hoover. Remove the grill on your table and clean the inside of the TAIFUN. If necessary, you can also clean the dust collection tray.
  • Place the grill back on your table and slide the filter back into place with the arrows pointing upwards. Replace the dust collection tray if you removed it.
  • Reattach the lid to your appliance and tighten.

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For a full explanation, you can watch this video. 

*The video is in Dutch, but will show you how it works

Important information on using Nova Flair filters in Taifun dust extraction systems

To ensure the best performance and capacity of your extractor, only use the original Nova Flair filter in the Taifun. Caution! Using a non-original filter will void the warranty.

Which TAIFUN dust collector do I have?

Choosing the right filter for your dust extractor starts with determining the model you are using. This is easy to figure out by looking at the silver sticker located on the front of your TAIFUN dust collector.


If you have any questions about TAIFUN filters

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