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  • So Guilty - Iconic Nails

    You are awesome! You are the bomb! You are powerful! You are SO GUILTY!

    We believe that only top quality is good enough for you and your business. That's why SO GUILTY offers quality products that you as a nail professional can work with. Work faster, easier, more efficiently and qualitatively & inspire others to be their best selves every day.

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  • Nova Flair

    The leading manufacturer of nail salon equipment, nail tables and nail dust extractors!

    Nova flair offers high-quality dust extraction systems and nail tables with a 15-year warranty. Manufactured in Germany, we are constantly working to optimise TAIFUN dust extractors, manicure tables and accessories to give you more comfort! Enjoy our years of experience and the continuous development of our nail salon facilities.


    de kracht van Taifun Novaflair

    The power of TAIFUN extraction systems

    Whichever type of unit you choose, the power is unprecedented and will exceed your expectations!

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    Nova Flair is one of the leading manufacturers of nail salon equipment, nail tables and dust extraction.

    • Ultimate suction extraction systems
    • High quality
    • Wide selection of manicure tables and accessories
    • 15 year warranty on extraction systems
    • Configure your table as you wish
    • Almost noiseless
    • Prevents dust lung
    • Durable
    • Handcrafted

    Create your own manicure table

    Add your personalised Nova Flair manicure table step by step

    Create my manicure table

    Frequently asked questions

    Which manicure table is the right one for me?

    Which dust extraction system is best for me?

    How do I put together my dream manicure table?

    I hesitate between the nova flair dust extraction system and a competitor

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  • Swedish Collageen

    Swedish Collagen rebuilds and restores collagen levels in your body. This gives you stronger, more resilient skin.

    Strengthen your skin, hair and nails with high-quality hydrolysed collagen and hyaluronic acid.

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  • Lash Perfect

    Lash Perfect, everything for lashes.
    From Lash Lift products to eyelash extensions.
    From all sales products for home use to essentials for professionals.

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  • Pink Cosmetics

    Pink Cosmetics is a vegan product that allows you to wax as little as 1mm.
    The waxing products are easy to use.
    Because of the different types, there is something for everyone. Discover for yourself which techniques suit you best.

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  • Footlogix

    In the field of foot care, Footlogix is the world leader, this because of the innovative products the brand offers.
    Footlogix delivers transformative results, this because the Footlogix lines are specifically designed to effectively treat numerous conditions.

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  • Dadi'

    Importance of Nail Care: Dadi'Oil as a solution

    One of the most important aspects of maintaining healthy and flexible nails is by nourishing your nails and cuticles with oil. This is necessary even when you wear gel nails or a similar product. Applying oil under the nail and around the nail is crucial to prevent chipping, breaking and cracking.

    This is why Beauty Ambitions has chosen Dadi'Oil, the number one brand in cuticle oil and hand care products that has won several awards. Dadi'Oil is a caring oil for both the nail and skin. It provides flexibility, strength and shine to the natural nail. Moreover, Dadi'Oil is quickly absorbed and is non-greasy.

    Dadi'Oil contains three certified organic oils: avocado, olive and jojoba oil. These oils work together to protect, moisturise and soften. In addition, Dadi'Oil contains natural vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, instead of synthetic tocopheryl acetate. Finally, an aromatic blend of 21 essential oils provides a pleasant fragrance and a beneficial, rejuvenating effect.

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  • INFUZION System

    What is Infuzion System?

    It is the new revolutionary skin booster that will rejuvenate and even out the home without the use of needles.

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