Why choose Swedish Collagen® as your collagen supplement?

Why choose Swedish Collagen® as your collagen supplement?

Are you overwhelmed by the many brands available on the market? Let us help you by listing some important aspects to consider when purchasing a collagen product. Our collagen product meets these requirements and provides an effective solution to your collagen needs.

Published on 12 jan 2024

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Choose the right collagen product

When starting to use collagen, it is essential to select a product that contains at least 10,000 mg of fish collagen with a very low Dalton value, lower than 6000 Da. The Dalton measurement refers to the molecular density of the product.

the lower the Da, the heavier the molecule is, so it does not float in your small intestine but sinks to the intestinal wall and thus penetrates the intestinal wall and releases its substances into the body. If the Da content is higher than 6000 Da, then you run the risk. There is a risk that the product will go through the entire digestive process and you will simply pee it out again and the collagen will not be able to do its job.

High-quality results guaranteed with Swedish collagen

thanks to the 12,500 mg hydrolyzed marine collagen of pure peptides with a high absorption rate. The peptides are cut up during the digestion process, making them easily absorbed by the intestines. Swedish Collagen's collagen is even more finely hydrolyzed than the average collagen peptide, with a molecular weight of just 1,000 daltons for an absorption rate of over 96%. Due to this low molecular weight, the collagen is easily digestible and is more easily absorbed and distributed in the body.

Choose fish collagen Type I and Type III to get the full effect.

Often, most brands only contain Type I, which is beneficial for hair, skin, nails and bones. However, by also adding Type III you improve the strength and structure of your blood vessels, muscles, internal organs and skin. This type is most commonly found in muscles and therefore also contributes to the internal health of the body.

Which form of fish collagen is better: powder or liquid?

The main difference between powdered and liquid fish collagen is that the liquid form works with heavier molecules, allowing us to add more minerals and vitamins to improve results. Although powder form is also good, the results are not visible or tangible as quickly.

Benefits of the Deluxe Version and Use for People with Osteoarthritis and Acute Muscle Pain

Are you considering trying the Deluxe Version? Within four days you will notice a difference in your energy level, and after two weeks you will be less stiff and able to move more smoothly without any pain due to the relaxation of the muscles. To achieve the best results, both internally and externally, such as a healthy appearance and healthier hair and nails, we recommend that you follow a three-month treatment course. Then you can switch to the Repair version, which takes care of the "maintenance" you achieved with the treatment.

People who suffer from osteoarthritis and acute muscle pain should continue to use the Deluxe Version daily to experience relief.

Optimize your body with Swedish Collagen®

In today's society there is constant pressure to perform well. The use of nutritional supplements has become almost indispensable. We recommend Swedish Collagen® for anyone looking for a boost. The product not only offers short-term benefits, but also works in the long term. This way you will be less tired, look healthy, feel better and keep your muscles and joints flexible. This is especially important as you get older, as we cannot prevent aging but we can support it.

As an active athlete, Swedish Collagen® is a must-have. It helps restore muscle mass after exercise and reduces muscle pain for up to one day.

We recommend everyone to try it. You will notice that it helps enormously and that you can no longer imagine our products without being part of your daily routine!

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