Success story of Pauline - Esthé Pure with Infuzion System

Today in the spotlight: Esthé Pure.

An embodiment of this pure aesthetic is Pauline, a pioneer who was one of the first to start Infuzion System in Belgium. Today, we have the pleasure of sharing an interview with her.

What started as a passion has grown into a salon specialising in skin enhancement, eyebrows and eyelashes. At Esthé Pure, you step into the wonderful world of skin improvement and various beauty treatments. From anti-aging to specific skin problems such as acne and pigmentation problems, here you will discover a total experience. Today, Pauline takes us on her journey through the world of Esthé Pure and Infuzion System.

Published on 17 mai 2024

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Pauline Esthé Pure

Interview Esthé Pure & Pauline

How has the introduction of the Infuzion System changed your clients' skincare experience?

Through the Infuzion, I have appealed to a new clientele who really want to focus on anti-ageing. By introducing them to the Infuzion and making them work very intensively on their skin, they are also more engaged in taking care of and maintaining their skin.


What specific benefits has the Infuzion System brought to your salon and your clients?

Because of the new clients, it created more revenue anyway which brought a lot of benefits for me in the salon then. But because of the beautiful results of the Infuzion system, my clients were really very satisfied.

In general, how do clients respond to Infuzion treatments? Have they noticed positive results?

I explained that sometimes they could experience a little tingling during the treatment but everyone definitely experienced it as pleasant and relaxing, and not painful!


How do you integrate the Infuzion System into your overall range of skincare treatments?

I offer it both as an individual treatment when, for example, you have to go to a party or you have an event and you really want to shine. For those people who really want to work on skin improvement, I offer the treatment as a course of treatment.

Pauline voor & na

What types of clients (skin types) benefit most from Infuzion treatments?

I personally find that ALL clients both from the age of 30 and older benefit from these treatments. It gives a very nice boost to the skin, it works preventively against anti-ageing, it gives you a beautiful glow, dark circles and puffiness are visibly reduced. So every age definitely benefits from this.


How does the experience of a client receiving an Infuzion treatment differ from other (traditional) skincare treatments?

 I don't offer traditional treatments in the salon because I only work on skin improvement, but when I do a peeling or microneedling, for example, you need downtime with that, the skin is still a bit red and/or swollen. Not so with the Infuzion, there you have immediate results with no downtime.

In what ways has the Infuzion System helped attract new clients to your salon?

By offering the Infuzion in the salon, it appeals to more clients because the treatment works on so many aspects. Not just anti-aging but also against dark circles and puffiness for example which in turn appeals to another audience.

Do you have any recommendations for other salons considering adding the Infuzion System to their service offering?

 I can only recommend it. I still often get messages from clients about how happy they are to have followed a course of treatment like this and to see lasting results.

Pauline voor & na

Offering Infuzion in your clinic?

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 We are convinced that Infuzion® will become the new standard in skin care and we invite you to be part of this exciting adventure!

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