I am in doubt between the Nova Flair TAIFUN and a competitor! How do I make my choice? Which one do I choose?

We've all been there. You're a nail technician and desperately need a good dust extraction system, but then the questions come creeping in:

Which brand is the best? How can I make a choice? Which dust extraction system will meet my requirements the best? Which brand has the best dust extraction system?

In the nail industry there are a lot of the time too many options and too little information. In this blog, we compare the Nova Flair TAIFUN & other extraction systems for you. We'd love to go over the facts of our Nova Flair extraction systems with you: sustainability, ease of maintenance & noise/noiselessness.

This article will make your way to a final choice easier.


What makes the TAIFUN extraction system different from competitors' dust extraction systems?

Why choose this one and not another? And what are the facts? We can already hear you thinking, "Well you will say you have the very best product so how real is this article?"

No worries, we understand your way of thinking. Nova Flair has an eye for detail and understanding of the problems experienced by stylists. We'll briefly list the ones that are important to discuss.

  1. Sustainability
  2. Ease of maintenance
  3. Quietness


Nail Design Magazine did a survey a few years ago on the best manicure dust extractors on the market. They did this by do research on 10 to 20 different points to find the differences between dust extractors. The TAIFUN was found to be the best brand!

This is still true, to this day! In the nail sector, there are a huge number of different competing brands. These brands were all tested and reviewed. We can guarantee that there is no match to the Taifun.



We are not lying when we say that there are several nail extraction systems on the market that work well and do properly extract and eliminate dust.

However, these often lose half their suction power after 1 year, let alone after several years. Which means that after a year, you already have to start looking for a new one. In the long run, you will end up spending more than when you opt for the correct extraction system straight away.

Various extractors also have a running bill for the filters, which can easily amount to several hundred euros a year. The TAIFUN only costs between €55 and €158/year, depending on your consumption.

Also, the TAIFUN exhaust system comes with a 15-year guarantee. What you buy today will still work just as well in 10 years or more.

In short: TAIFUN does not lose any suction power over the years & lasts a very long time, making it the most durable appliance on the market.



Maintaining your appliance, including replacing or cleaning your filter, is very easy with the TAIFUN extractor system. You only need to clean your TAIFUN about 3 to 4 times a month. With other appliances, this can sometimes be a daily chore.


How is the cleaning and replacing period so low?

With Nova Flair, the heaviest dust falls straight down into the provided collection tray, and even the finest dust of 1/1000mm is collected in the filter. This ensures that the TAIFUN has a very high storage capacity for dust and can therefore last longer without cleaning.

With most other brands, the filter is located just below the grill, so it fills up immediately and needs daily maintenance.


What if I spill something in my TAIFUN?

If you happen to spill something on the grill, you have just replace your filter. With other dust extractor machine it could run through the filter and end up on the motor. Then it's game over!

With the TAIFUN you'll never end up in this situation. The collection reservoir protects the filter and motor, so you only need to clean them. A true savior! 


In short: TAIFUN only needs to be cleaned weekly and in the simplest way possible.



Noise is a big factor that would make nail technicians regret of return their dust extractor. There is nothing more annoying than not being able to talk to your clients because the extraction system is turned on.

Many extraction systems already produce 70 dB at their lowest setting, which is comparable to traffic on the highway. They report being silent but are not at all!

The TAIFUN I reaches 55 dB at its lowest setting and 67 dB at its highest setting. We do have to include that you'll almost never need to run it at it's highest setting because the lowest setting already has great power. The sound of the TAIFUN I is comparable to the hum of a modern dishwasher. Even at it's highest setting it's still the quietest dust extraction model on the market!


In short: At its highest setting, the TAIFUN is still the quietest extractor on the market.

Published on 10 mar 2023

Reading time:1 minute


Before purchasing a dust extraction system, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How strong is the suction power?
  • How often do I replace my filters/year?
  • What is the cost of the filter?
  • Where is the filter located?
  • Is the filter protected against accidental spillage?
  • Is there a collection bin for heavy dust?
  • Can I remove odour and dust?
  • How often should I clean the filter?
  • Is cleaning easy?


Each of these questions is answered in our article "Which dust extractor is best for me?". A comprehensive article that gives you more explanations about each system and discusses the most important points.

Be aware that on all these points, the Taifun scores the best! In the long run, the TAIFUN is the best purchase you will ever make!

Are you convinced, and would you like to discover our range? Click here for all our TAIFUNS. 

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