How do I put my dream manicure table together? Nova Flair nail tables combined with TAIFUN suction system

Have you found your ideal nail table design? If not, click here for our article that briefly explains all our manicure table models for you. 


Once you have made your choice, the assembly of your table begins. Exciting! This article takes you through the personalisation process and explains each part in detail.

Published on 19 jun 2023

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Where can I put together my manicure table?

Click here for our full manicure table range or enter the name of your chosen manicure table, in the search bar. Click on your desired model.

The page you land on should look like this:


Nova Flair manicure tafel voorbeeld product pagina


What all can I customise and add to my manicure table?

Each option you see next to the 3D model of your chosen nail table model is a personalisation option.


Nova Flair manicure tafel voorbeeld product pagina met het personalisatie paneel geaccentueerdabc

Disclaimer! If one of the following personalisation options is not displayed in your composition selection bar, don't panic. This simply means that this option is not possible for your chosen nail table model. This is usually the case because the shape of the table top does not allow it, the table top is too small or because the drawer units cannot be customised in appearance. Certainly do not grieve if one adaptation is not possible because we have super many other fun and unique adaptations that can be made to your chosen model.


1.   Choose the basic colour

Are we going to keep this? People only choose white according to Gunther?


2.   Choose an extraction system

Here you can see all possible TAIFUN dust extraction systems that fit your chosen model. So don't worry about buying an extraction system that is too big for your manicure table!

Not sure which suction system is best for your salon? Then click here for our article briefly explaining each of our TAIFUN suction systems for you.


3.    Choose your manicure table accessories

     3.1    Table protection

Although each of the Nova Flair table tops is coated with a protective layer of melamine resin, it is a good idea to add an extra protection mat to your nail table. This way, in case of, say, spilled cured gel, you can take it off thanks to the flexibility of the mat or replace the mat in the long run. It is tailored to your table in terms of shape, size and contains a cut-out section to allow suction to pass through perfectly!


     3.2    Elbow supports

Do you ever suffer from painful indentations in your arms due to the edge of your table or can't hold a position for long because of the hard table top? Then these elbow supports are 100% worth adding to your manicure table! The price that is indicated is for both elbow supports. You can choose from a wide range of colours and styles. Do you like a glitter effect? Or prefer a shiny look? Or rather a slightly matt look? You will definitely find your taste all the different options!

Click on them all to see their actual colour and texture and how they look on the nail table!


     3.3    Additional equipment

Aluminium shelf (left and/or right): A sturdy treasure that can be placed on either the left or right side of your table. It offers you more storage space and a possible display for your products, equipment and price lists.


Nova Light Slim LED (left and/or right): An elegant and flexible LED lamp that is attached to your table. You can have them attached to one side or both sides of your manicure table for optimal illumination.


     3.4    Armrests

Would you like to offer your client a bit more comfort? This armrest creates long-term convenience and ensures that the client immediately places his/her arm in the right position in the middle of the table.

There are a total of 4 types of armrests. The Standard and Standard Plus have a rectangular cushion. The Hand and Hand Plus have a more rounded cushion.

The difference between the first version and the Plus version of both types is that the Plus versions have plexi-glass wings. These invite you to place UV lamps underneath and provide more support options.

Also, don't forget to select a colour! You can match them to your elbow supports if you wish.


4.   Personalise your chest of drawers

     4.1     Number of drawers (left and/or right)

Here you can see the number of drawers possible for the drawer cabinet(s) of your manicure table.

The personalisation in drawers is very variable for each nail table. It depends on whether one or 2 drawer cabinets are included. The standard number of drawers is usually 3 drawers, but is again variable for each design.


     4.2     Drawer dividers (left and/or right)

Do you like to have a bit more order in your drawers? Then opt for one or more drawer dividers!


5.    Choose your manicure table additions

     5.1    Plexiglas accent

Do you like to have some extra flair and grace to your nail table? Then adding light transparent plexiglass is the perfect addition! Choose the colour that matches the rest of your manicure or your salon and let the table become the absolute showpiece of any room! Here, you can also choose whether to add lighting to make your plexiglass accent stand out even more.


     5.2     LED lighting

Want to make your manicure the elegance itself and make it stand out like no other manicure table can? Then LED strips are your ideal! Available in white or multi-colour, they add a "finishing touch" to any nail table!


Do you have any more questions or are things unclear?

We are always ready to talk to you in depth about all your questions. So do not hesitate to contact us.

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