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Dust extraction system for nails (small) TAIFUN MINI Dust extraction system for on or under manicure tables - low maintenance


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Nova Flair's TAIFUN MINI is their smallest professional extraction system. Its size gives you two different placement options. You can build it in under your manicure table or place it loose on your desktop with an accompanying lid. This TAIFUN eliminates dust and keeps both your salon and your lungs dust-free. Specific to the Nova Flair suction systems is their quiet operation and powerful extraction, offering you, but also your client, better air quality in your salon.


Data sheet

BRAND Nova Flair
Dimensions Width 26 cm, Depth 30 cm, Height 14 cm
Noise level Max. 62 dB, Min 56 dB
Warranty 15 years
Air flow rate 320 m³/h

More info

TAIFUN MINI and its benefits

The fact that your TAIFUN comes from Europe's number one manufacturer of extraction systems and consumes little energy, only 60 W, you can be sure of a quality extraction system!

  • Durable: Equipped with a filter reinforced by a metal frame, this dust collector makes it ideal for stylists with a client volume of up to +/- 12 clients per week. The filter only needs to be cleaned once a week, ensuring more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient use.
  • Silence: TAIFUN MINI has a very quiet operation despite its strong suction power. TAIFUN MINI contains an average noise level of 59 dB. This gradation of noise can be compared to the hum of a new dishwasher.
  • Ease of maintenance: As explained earlier, filters are very durable and do not need to be cleaned too often. Cleaning this TAIFUN model is even simpler. The TAIFUN MINI is absolutely maintenance-free, requiring only weekly filter cleaning and replacement only after 6 months. Both cleaning and replacement are so easy and quick and will make your appliance completely clean again!
  • Customer-oriented: Nova Flair is known for their attention to detail and user-friendliness. With a 15-year warranty* on every extractor system, you can rest assured that your investment is well protected and the appliance will function optimally for a long time. This extraction supports you in doing your job and prevents allergies, skin diseases and respiratory problems such as dust lung.


*Guarantee expires if you do not replace the filter in time!


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