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What is the difference between all the different building gels for nails?

Meet 5 different types of building gels that offer you and your customers everything you need for the perfect nails. There is a matching building gel for every nail type. From fibre for hardness to stretch build for more flexibility. Discover all possible SO GUILTY - Iconic Nails building gels

  • Flexibility and self-levelling: Stretch build is a gel that places itself on the nails thanks to its self-levelling properties, you can work quickly and this gel moves with the nail thanks to its flexible properties, but still gives the strength we are used to from gel. Ideal for preventing air and lifting.
  • Firmness and self-levelling: with Supreme Fiber you have a building gel that is almost as strong as acrylic thanks to the powerful fibres it contains, ideal for people who are hard on their nails due to intensive handwork or demanding hobbies. Definitely discover self-levelling properties that is slower than the Stretch build giving you a little more time to give the nails a nice bulge / Apex.
  • Building gel in a bottle : So Easy Build is a flexible BIAB building gel that allows you to work very quickly from a bottle. This very self-levelling building gel is ideal for natural nail strengthening, but you can also lengthen nails.
  • Timeless : Supreme Plus building gel allows you to place several nails at the same time, it has a higher viscosity and medium flexibility. Ideal if you like to build several nails at once before curing in the UV/LED lamp
  • Perfect smile-line : Mask away gel is a building gel with a thick viscosity that gives you plenty of time to build up the nails, it is mainly used for making a reverse french to obtain a very tight smile line.
  • Glitter and glammer : 4 beautifully glittery building gel So Build Up Glitz with a medium viscosity that is flexible on the nail, gives a glamorous effect for all nail lengths and can also be a base to place a beautiful design on.

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