Discover the true revolution in the nail world: acrylic gel.

At Beauty Ambitions, we offer the EPIC Fusion by SO GUILTY - Iconic Nails. This Polygel system is flexible like gel and hard like acrylic. Check out our full range and discover the necessary base and topcoats.

Free Basic Baby Boom training with EPIC Fusion - feel free to follow it!

We are happy to offer you a free online basic training course Babyboom with EPIC Fusion. (It is in Dutch, but you can learn a lot and discover all the working methods) During the training there will be a demonstration, without the use of liquid. However, we do recommend that you lightly moisten your brush to make the application even easier.

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The benefits of EPIC Fusion by SO GUILTY - Iconic Nails

"Light as a feather, hard as a rock", Nothing but benefits with this acrylic gel for the nails

  • Does not burn : curing under the lamp is completely painless as the acrylic gel does not heat up
  • No adhesive layer : after curing, there is almost no adhesive layer, which reduces the risk of allergies
  • Easy filing : it is just as hard as acrylic, but feels silky smooth while filing, even easier than gel
  • Fast curing: this acrylic gel captures light very quickly and hardens completely in less than 30 seconds in an LED lamp
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced: because EPIC Fusion acrylic gel does not air dry like acrylic or is not liquid like gel, you have plenty of time to work with it
  • 3D Designs : suitable for creating nail art designs
  • Odourless: the acrylic gel has no odour and the liquid smells deliciously like grapefruit
  • Feather light: on the nails it feels very light, even lighter than gel or acrylic
  • In a jar - usable until the end : the acrylic gel is available in a jar of various sizes, not in a tube, so that you can use it up completely.
  • Simple touch-up : as the gel is so simple and easy to file and has a very good adhesion, you only have to remove a small section and you can keep the bulge and then only touch up the outgrowth.
  • No air: this acrylic gel adheres very well to the nail, greatly reducing the risk of air and lifting.
  • Contains NO Hema: hema-free greatly reduces the risk of allergies.
  • Hardens in UV and LED
  • Acrylic hardness
  • Flexibility

A unique experience

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