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Nail degreaser for nails PRE-PREP Dehydrator for any nail treatment preparation


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The Pre Prep by SO GUILTY - Iconic Nails is a powerful nail plate dehydrator which ensures that all your products will adhere optimally to your nail plate. .

This is the last step we apply when "prepping" the nails which is easy to apply with the brush provided.


Data sheet

Cure Air-drying
Additional Qualities Acid free
Type Prep
Usage Natural Nails
Content 12ml

More info

The usefulness and importance of PRE PREP

Use the Pre prep before your application of nail products, here we are thinking of Nail polish, gel Polish, gel, acrylic and acrygel (polygel)

It withdraws moisture only temporarily (about 20 minutes) and locally, then the nail will restore its natural moisture balance.

Thanks to the use of Pre Prep, all base coats can adhere better to the natural nails and your nail set will last longer. So this is how you prevent product lifting

The Pre Prep is the last step of your PREP

Not - or poor application of the PREP of the natural nail is 1 of the most important causes of lifting of you artificial nail products. On an oily nail plate, no product will be able to adhere properly.

So to briefly go over the steps of the PREP:

P = Perform manicure. Remove all dead skin from your nail plate. Using a bok paw, push back the cuticle so that your nail plate expands. Also cut away loose cuticle using sheet nippers or cuticle scissors.

R = Remove Shine. Carefully and thoroughly remove the shine from the natural nail, making sure you have roughed up every nook and cranny. Use a new buffer OR an already used 180 grit file. CAUTION; you may only remove 3 cell layers, filing too hard will cause damage to the nail plate. a damaged nail plate will hold your art product very poorly. (So be sure to avoid Air and Lifting, feel free to attend the FREE Air and Lifting Workshop)

E = Eliminate Surface Contamination Is to thoroughly dust your client's hands and nail plate.

P = Purify Nail Plate Layer this is the last step of your preparation and here you will thus properly degrease the natural nail and use the powerful PRE PREP

This way you have the perfect base to apply your artificial nail product.

How do we use the Pre Prep Dehydrator?

Apply a fine layer on the nail with the brush provided.

The Pre Prep will immediately evaporate and in the evaporation process, the moisture will be extracted from the nail.

How will the nail plate restore its moisture balance?

The natural moisture balance of a natural nail is always fluctuating and external factors such as heat, cold, water,... have a major impact on it. For a long shelf life of your nail products, it is therefore very important to stabilise this balance to prevent cracking, breaking or chipping of the nail.

So always advise your client to apply cuticle oil under the nail and at the cuticle preferably twice a day. This is necessary to preserve your art product in the long term. Thanks to oil, moisture moves more slowly in the nail and the nail does not dry out as quickly due to external influences such as weather and water. A nail that has dried out too much does not hold art product as well because the nail cells detach and flake off each other. The cells then stick to the artificial product making it appear that the product is detaching, but it is actually the cells that are detaching from each other.

Fun fact:

Wearing artificial product on your nails can increase your moisture balance by 70%, strange? Actually not when you think about it. Water is the most widely used solvent we know and therefore also the most aggressive. Because soaking in water makes our nail swell, making it very flexible and therefore fragile. Follow-up water dries but in this process it takes natural moisture and fat from your nail, leaving them dehydrated and brittle. Wearing Artificial Product will therefore ensure that water and other products cannot penetrate the nail as much by protecting it, increasing the moisture balance by 70%.

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