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LASH LIFT & TINT STARTER KIT Start kit for eyelash lifting and colouring


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The Lash Lift Starter kit contains all the products you need to perform an eyelash lift properly and correctly. It also contains the products to dye your lashes.

In addition, the Lash Lift & - tinting training is completely free with the purchase of this kit.

Content of this pack

  • Glass dapping dish for liquids and mixing DAPPEN DISH

    Glass dapping dish for liquids and mixing DAPPEN DISH

    Differant Types-Glass Mixing

    More information


    Unit price: 5,25 € tax excl.

  • Eyelash degreaser for eyelash treatments ULTIMATE PRE TREATMENT 25ML

    Eyelash degreaser for eyelash treatments ULTIMATE PRE TREATMENT 25ML

    The Ultimate Pre Treatment is an indispensable product in your lash extension. This product is the first step to make the lashes grease-free as well as to remove excess keratin from the natural lashes. It is therefore the perfect primer from Lash Perfect that you use with a Lash Lift or Lash extension treatment to ensure incredible results and longevity.

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    Unit price: 16,95 € tax excl.



    Size-10 gr

    This revolution from Lash Perfect is an incredible adhesive balm to keep lashes and eyebrows in place quickly and gently. The Strong Balm Fixing Adhesive with its moisturising, non-drying formula keeps all lashes and eyebrows perfectly in place during your Lash Lift or Eyebrow Lamination treatment.

    Strong Balm is strong and nourishing and easy to remove, without leaving residue on lashes, skin or eyebrows.

    Available in 20gr good for about 60 treatments

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    Unit price: 35,85 € tax excl.

  • Eyelash curlers for Lash Lift CURLING WANDS

    Eyelash curlers for Lash Lift CURLING WANDS

    Wimper product varianten-mixed sizes

    Lash Perfect's Curling Wands - Eyelash Curlers are used during the eyelash lifting treatment to curl and shape the natural eyelashes into the desired curl and shape. These Lash Lift eyelash curlers are reusable and versatile as each side contains a different type of curl.

    The mixed sizes include : 1 pair Small, 2 pairs Medium and 2 pairs Large

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    Unit price: 11,80 € tax excl.

  • LIFTING & SETTING CREAM for lash lift or Brow Lamination treatment

    LIFTING & SETTING CREAM for lash lift or Brow Lamination treatment

    This lifting and setting cream from the Lash Perfect brand provides a shorter treatment time in 3 stages whose amazing results last up to 8 weeks.

    Quick Step 1 - Fast Action Lifting Cream - opens the keratin connections, Step 2 - Setting Cream - restores the hair to its new position and Step 3 - Moisturising Cream - nourish.

    1 package is good for about 15 treatments.

    Available for lash lift only or lash lift & brown lamination together

    This product is for professional use only

    Vegan formula

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    Unit price: 89,00 € tax excl.



    Opleiding - starpakket-Training without product package

    A step-by-step complete training on how to place a perfect Lash lift treatment as well as how to colour lashes to give your clients an even more intense and open look.

    The treatment will improve the appearance of your lashes making them longer and fuller in appearance with a more defined overall effect - all without the application of extensions.

    Receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

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    Unit price: 99,00 € tax excl.

  • Sterilised MEDI EYE WASH

    Sterilised MEDI EYE WASH

    Medi Eye Wash is sterilised water to rinse the eyes if needed. Use this only if any irritation occurs during an eyelash treatment. An eye wash solution should always be kept on hand during any treatment.

    Each vial is for single use and once opened do not reuse.

    1 pack contains 5 vials.

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    Unit price: 8,95 € tax excl.



    Made from the fine-grained wood of an orange tree, orange wood sticks have two ends. A fine tip and the other end an angled surface for mixing products or applying solutions/creams to small areas. Can also be used during wax treatments.

    Pack contains 25 wooden sticks.

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    Unit price: 2,95 € tax excl.

  • APPLICATION WANDS hooks for lash lift and brow lamination

    APPLICATION WANDS hooks for lash lift and brow lamination

    Lash Perfect brand's Application Wands are plastic and hook-shaped and are used to place lashes on the Curling Wand. These disposable sticks come in a pack of 15.

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    Unit price: 5,80 € tax excl.

  • oxygen water for eyelash tinting TINT DEVELOPER

    oxygen water for eyelash tinting TINT DEVELOPER

    Tint developer is a 2% oxygen water, also called hydrogen peroxide. Mix it with the chosen colour to colour lashes perfectly.

    The Tint developer of the Lash Perfect brand and thus eyelash colouring is ideal prior to eyelash extension or eyelash lift treatments.

    Bottle of 50 ml. Suitable for professional use only.

    To exclude allergies, we recommend a patch test in advance.

    More information


    Unit price: 7,80 € tax excl.

  • Colouring EYELASH TINT

    Colouring EYELASH TINT

    Wimper Kleur-Dark Charcoal

    Lash Perfect brand eyelash tint is available in 3 colours and is ideal for tinting eyelashes. Both for eyelash extension treatments and after Lash Lift treatment! Mix with the Tint Developer to achieve your client's desired colour. You can also mix 2 colours for an even different effect. Always take a small amount in a dappen dish and mix the tint-developer together with an orange wood stick.

    15ml tubes

    More information


    Unit price: 8,00 € tax excl.



    This small digital timer is perfect for timing your treatment times correctly.

    For use during treatments such as eyelash lifting and/or tinting and eyebrow Lamination.

    Runs on batteries, these are not included.

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    Unit price: 19,95 € tax excl.

  • MICRO BRUSHES (100ST) for all lash and eyebrow treatments

    MICRO BRUSHES (100ST) for all lash and eyebrow treatments

    Lash Perfect brand's Micro Brushes have multi-purpose uses. They are great for lash removals, Cure It applications, applying liquids for Lash Lift and Brow Lamination treatments.

    1 Pack contains 100 micro brushes

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    Unit price: 11,50 € tax excl.



    These disposable mascara brushes are ideal for combing your lashes, but they can also nicely comb your eyebrows and lash extensions.

    These brushes can be used during and after Lash lift, tinting and Brow lamination treatments.
    Use 1 brush per client and feel free to give them to use at home.

    1 pack contains 25 Mascare brushes.

    More information


    Unit price: 5,20 € tax excl.

  • Make-up remover mousse LIFT OFF FOAMING CLEANSER

    Make-up remover mousse LIFT OFF FOAMING CLEANSER

    Verpakking uitklapmenu-without brush

    This Lift off foaming cleanser included is a cleansing mousse to remove all eye make-up quickly and effectively. This mousse is also suitable for eyelash extension and can therefore be used by your client at home.

    The Lash Perfect eyelash extension-friendly foaming cleanser is ideal to help all your clients with lash extensions take care of their lashes between appointments and will ensure they will look great for as long as possible.

    Ideal to use together with the soft cleaning brush.

    More information


    Unit price: 18,95 € tax excl.



    The Eyelash cleansing cloth from the Lash Perfect brand is a soft, reusable and fibre-free cleansing cloth and is used to clean around the eyes during treatment. The cloth becomes supple when wet and is specially designed to remain bacteria-free when dry.

    As well, your clients can use it for their daily cleansing routine together with the Lift Off Foaming Cleanser. You can also cut it into smaller wipes.

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    Unit price: 10,95 € tax excl.



    The Sponge Applicators also called eyeshadow sponges are ideal to use in combination with the Micro Brushes. Thus, the applicator will ensure that excess liquid is absorbed and prevent it from seeping into the eye.

    Packaging contains 25 pieces

    More information


    Unit price: 4,05 € tax excl.

  • Ring for eyelash glue SPLIT CUP GLUE RINGS

    Ring for eyelash glue SPLIT CUP GLUE RINGS

    Split Cup Glue Rings are used to hold small drops of glue and other products, so you have them close to your work area and will be able to perform treatments more smoothly and quickly. Suitable for all glues from lash perfect but also colouring or other products.

    The package contains 5 reusable disposable rings

    More information


    Unit price: 5,80 € tax excl.

  • LINT FREE UNDER EYE GEL PATCHES for all lash treatments

    LINT FREE UNDER EYE GEL PATCHES for all lash treatments

    More information


    Unit price: 11,30 € tax excl.



    Thanks to the Finishing Glaze Clear Mascara from the brand Lash perfect, you will achieve a wet-look effect on your natural lashes, ideal to use after the lash lift to achieve a brilliant healthy glow.

    The Finishing Glaze is an oil-free clear mascara with high moisture content, perfect for hydrating lashes while giving them a beautiful shine. Ideal for daily use to keep lashes beautifully sculpted.

    More information


    Unit price: 18,95 € tax excl.



    The Hi Brow Growth & Conditioning serum improves the condition of eyelashes and eyebrows, making it perfect to help care for them and simultaneously it will stimulate healthy hair growth.

    With frequent use, thanks to the Hi Brow serum's special formula that contains growth peptides, including Capixyl , the eyelashes and eyebrows will cause the hair to look smoother, better cared for and shinier.

    It is scientifically proven that the condition of eyelashes and eyebrows improve thanks to these active ingredients.

    Ideal for daily use and also for use after eyebrow and natural eyelash treatments. Perfect to offer as a sale in your salon, so clients can continue their treatment effect at home and get an even better result.

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    Unit price: 34,00 € tax excl.


Data sheet

BRAND Lash Perfect

More info

What is the content of the Lash Lift & tinting starter pack?

Because we attach importance to you using the right products during your training as an eyelash stylist and treatments, we have put together a complete package.

* The kit may differ from the photo according to stock or packaging changes.

Interested in this professional eyelash lifting and colouring starter kit?

If you have any questions about this starter kit or the training courses do not hesitate to contact us. This can be done via mail or via this link 

The innovative Strong Balm fixing glue balm

Lash Perfect brand new Strong Glue Balm is not to be missed in your lash lifting and eyebrow lamination treatment. This product makes lifting lashes and eyebrows and fixing them in place even easier.

  • Fixing : The moisturising glue balm fixes lashes and eyebrows in place quickly and gently,
  • Flexibility : Non-drying, pliable formula that gives the flexibility to move hairs around during treatment.
  • Nourishing : The strong formula is nourishing for lashes and eyebrows and easy to remove.
  • Clean : This adhesive balm leaves no residue on lashes, eyebrows or skin.

The Lifting Adhesive Balm is available in 20g for about 60 eyelash lifting and/or eyebrow lamination treatments.

Use the Lifting Brush to hold the hairs in place.

How to use use this Fixing Adhesive.

  1. Place a small amount of Adhesive Balm on a Lifting Brush and apply to eyebrows or lashes. Start with a small amount so you can apply more as needed.
  2. The soft, pliable balm allows you to precisely position and reposition the eyelash or eyebrow hair before applying the active products.
  3. Remove excess product from hairs with a wipe before applying step 1.
  4. Use balm to reattach stray hairs before applying step 2.

Adhesive Balm is easy to remove after treatment, leaving lashes or eyebrows product-free.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I use this balm to lift and laminate my lashes?

Yes, you can. This balm is designed for both lashes and eyebrows.

  • How do steps 1 and 2 reach the lashes and eyebrows if this balm covers them?

The balm formula is penetrable, which means the active ingredients in steps 1 and 2 can still reach the hairs and do their job!

  • How much should I use for my lashes and eyebrows?

A small amount will take you a long way. Start with a small amount and continue working in small sections along the lash line.

  • Can I use this balm with Easy Lift Shields?

Yes. The balm is ideal to use with Easy Lift Shields, but also with our regular curling irons.

Do you have any questions about the Strong Balm?

Feel free to contact us at or via this link

Save time with fantastic results thanks to the Lifting and Setting cream.

This completely vegan treatment guarantees you a long-lasting Lash lift or eyebrow lamination that is visible for up to 8 weeks. Quick step shapes lashes and eyebrows and provides enough product for 15 treatments. Each pouch contains 0.5ml of product from each phase pee treatment.

The 3-step treatment for eyelash lifting and eyebrow lamination:

this is a product suitable for professional use only and subject to attending a Lash Lift and/or Brow Lamination training course

  1. Quick Step 1 Lifting Cream : is the 1st stage of the lifting process with a shorter duration. This product breaks down the keratin bonds in the hair allowing it is its new shape. Apply and leave on for the recommended time depending on the hair texture.
  2. Step 2 Setting Cream : The 2nd phase is used to repair the connections to fix the hair is its new position around the curler. Leave it on the lashes or eyebrows for the recommended time, depending on the hair texture.
  3. Step 3 Eyelash Serum : Phase 3 will re-nourish your eyelash or eyebrow hairs and leave them feeling supple and soft. Refer to the guide on lash lifting and eyebrow lamination for more information.
  4. Be sure to complement your treatment with Moisture boost for even deeper and intense nourishment of each eyelash or eyebrow hair.

Special features when using the Lifting & Setting Cream

Even though there is little chance of an allergic reaction (see further under frequently asked questions), this is never ruled out and we recommend allergy testing before your treatment - check your insurance terms and conditions to see if this is a requirement. Always follow the treatment times on the packaging.

  • For professional use only.
  • Can be used with any hair type/texture.
  • Follow the time table on the leaflet/packaging.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to be trained in Lash Lift or brow lamination by Lash Perfect to use these products?

It is highly recommended to undergo training in Lash Lift or Brow Lamination before using a professional eyelash lift. There are many factors to consider when performing an eyelash lift to ensure safe treatment and professional results.

If you already followed an eyelash or eyebrow lifting training course from another brand, it is enough to take a few moments to go through the steps with our consultant or take a short perfection course. Ask for more info at or contact us.

  • How does an eyelash lift work?

An eyelash lift is a treatment that changes the shape the natural eyelashes and eyebrows into a curl, gently improving the appearance of the eyes. The lashes are placed on the curling wands with an eyelash lift adhesive glue or strong balm. Lifting Cream is then applied, making the hair more flexible and allowing it to be moved into position in the second step of treatment with Setting Cream. Moisturising Cream is applied as the last step of the treatment and nourishes and moisturises the hair.

  • Can the treatment be customised?

This popular salon treatment is suitable for all clients so there is no need to change anything, as it can be fully customised with unique curling wands that offer a choice between a natural curl or a dramatic upward blow.

  • Is a patch test required for a lash lift?

An allergy test is not legally required for a lash lift. We recommend that you check your insurance terms and conditions, as the manufacturer's guidelines and our instructions from the manufacturer do not override your insurance guidelines.

  • Can you colour with an eyelash lift?

Yes, this enhances the treatment even more. If you apply colour, do so after removing Step 2 - Setting Cream - and before Step 3 - Moisturising Cream. Keep in mind that the processing time of the tinting will be reduced if the tinting is done during a lash lift treatment. Refer to lash lift instructions for more information. All colour treatments require an allergy test.

Still have questions or interested in training?

Contact us or email

What to expect from Lash lift and tinting training?

The training takes place from 9-17h, lunch included, and consists of a theory and a practical part. At the end of, you will receive a certificate. You should provide a model who should be present after the theory part has finished. This will be communicated before registration.

Each training course is always in small groups of 1 to 4 people. Does the proposed date not suit you? Feel free to email to arrange a date.

Would you like a starter kit (twv €245) please let us know, you will then receive your training for free, if you already paid it will be deducted.

Eyelash tinting colours

This product is for tinting natural lashes and is ideal for before lash extensions and after lash lift treatments. Mix with the Tint-developer to create the desired colour for your client.

  • Dark Brown : is perfect for colouring blonde lashes.
  • Black Charcoal : black for a rich dark colour.
  • Blue Black : this paint colour is blacker than black. Create the darkest most intense colour.

this is a product for professional use.

Specifics for using the Eyelash Paint Tint

As with any product, we advise you to take a number of things into account. Be sure to consult your insurance company regarding your obligations in terms of liability in allergy tests etc.

  • Test skin sensitivity for allergies about 24-48 hours before treatment.
  • Check with your insurance company for guidelines on allergy patch tests.
  • Always follow the treatment instructions in your kit.
  • Mix with the Tint Developer as required and apply to lashes for the recommended tint development time.
  • Tinting can be performed as a separate treatment, or as part of the Lash Lift treatment.
  • Development time up to 12 minutes. More information can be found in your instruction leaflet/manual.
  • For more information on an training lashes/lash lift, please visit our training page.

Do you have any additional questions?

We would be happy to help you further please mail us or via contact 


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